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LED Dance floors are the hottest event rentals on the market for any event that would host music. At 1-800 LED SIGNS not only do we rent LED Dance floors we also sell them all over the world. Our LED dance floors are made of the highest quality and have great warranties that come with every purchase.

There are so many options to choose when renting or buying an led dance floor from us. From the many types of dance floors to the size of the floors as per customers request. Please check out our LED dance floor rental nyc page for prices .

We are looking for Exclusive dealers nationwide and have a business opportunity in place to become part of the 1-800 LED SIGNS sales and rental team possibly in your area.

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In our blog we will be writing helpful tips when purchasing any types of products such as LED Dance floors.

LED Dance Floors for sale

What to know before buying an LED dance floor

For purchasing LED dance floors you have to keep in mind, that not all led lights and materials used to create the floors are created equal. Knowing that alone is very important and can save your businesses reputation .

For instance lets say hypothetically you are in the event rental business and you purchase a 20 ft x 20 ft LED Dance floor from a XYZ LED Dance Floor business without knowing it is a low grade product . Now at first its exciting, you finally got a nice sized floor.

If you done your research you know that LED Dance floor sizes vary . Such as these smaller sizes of 10 ft x 10 ft, 12 ft x 12 ft, 16 ft x 16 ft etc. So you have a decent size LED dance floor which means more profits per night, right? but also more panels that make up for that size .

With that being said, you have to now understand that if you intend to rent it out as a 20 ft x 20 ft Dance floor that the dance floor will have a proper edge system in place for that particular size.

So you book out the led dance floor and start taken deposits for upcoming dates and prior to the event you realize maybe even just one of the dance floors aren’t working than your in trouble. Now hopefully you bought some spares and not just the amount of panels that equaled up to the 20 ft x 20 ft LED dance floor size. Because if you didn’t, here comes your reputation .

You call at John doe at XYZ LED Dance Floor company and you explain whats going on. But maybe John is from china because you saved so much importing yourself . Maybe he is not from china, but your warranty isn’t much of a warranty because the company you bought from says their out of stock or don’t do in house repairs or you have to send it back to the manufacture which is in Guam and will take 4 weeks or so.

Okay, so now lets back track to when i said that “Not all led’s and the material used to create them are created equal” Because of this, unfortunately their is no easy fix. You cant even buy from another supplier who has stock and expect it to be cross compatible with your panels. Every manufacture, is manufacturing their products differently, with their own specifications on the quality brightness of the led’s used, how the lights work with their circuit board designs and the way the floors connect .


Perhaps there is another way ? well possibly there is, if when you bought the LED Dance floor you also made sure you also invested in different sizes of LED Dance floor edges to secure your investment . For example just because you have a 20 ft x 20 ft dance floor it doesn’t mean everyone will have enough money to rent that size or even be able to fit that size at their venue . If you want to keep potential customers happy and book as many dates as possible than you have to have a back up plan to make sure you can even split these floors into other sizes.

By being able to rent it out as other smaller sizes like the examples i gave earlier. You will have a higher success rate in this LED dance floor business regardless. Making sure you have the proper led dance floor edges, will give you the edge you need to succeed and also save your butt when panels have issues or get ruined from accidental transportation damages.

Unfortunately even if you do have this plan in place when you bought from XYZ LED Dance floor company and you are already are starting to have issues with the panels than that might not be the end of that nightmare . Too many suppliers are springing up like wild flowers and don’t specialize in LED like 1-800 LED SIGNS does and that creates a problem.

At 1-800 LED SIGNS We pride in our quality and service. We are more than fully capable of repairing LED dance floors in house. Our warranty is so great that if something were to go wrong like this, that we can have a new panel shipped out the same business day.

LED chip quality is the most important thing with any led lighting product. If the chip is low grade you will never get the full life expectancy of the led lights used to make your LED dance floors. Low chip grade will lead to premature led lights and if the product is not properly tested after manufacturing problems can easily arise for even the best led chips used. Please also keep in mind you get what you pay for and if the offer seems to good to be true on an LED Dance floor, than it properly is

Don’t turn your business investment into a nightmare. It’s not rocket science, its LED Signs and 1-800 LED SIGNS can help.

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